Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Rotten Apple

Here's a quick splash of New York from my trip last weekend.

I flew into JFK and took a cab through Queens. I saw this heaven spot right away. Most likely a tribute to o.g Sane by someone. Aerub and Katsu had fire extinguisher tags running on the columns that you can't see. Crazy spot.

I went to the MOMA on Saturday. My host Mel had free passes because she volunteers there. I really liked this photo, but I didn't remember to check for the name.

Sometimes simple letters just say it better.

None of my Moz photos turned out all that well. This one at least shows Morrissey beasting his shirt off.


Just a little Mirot piece.

Mel also took me to her work to show me her boss' art collection that he had in their office. The secretary has to deal with this Murakami over head every day. Poor girl.

This is the only picture of my ugly mug that I have from the trip. It's across the street from where I stayed in Harlem. Unfortunately I saw no one from Dipset or the Skull Gang for that matter.

Roy is unfadeable.

Leeto's hand styles are wicked. A little Philly and a little NY all mashed into one.

Leeto throwy.

Sheina and Kevbo.



I gave up shoes a long time ago, but I would definitely not be mad if someone wanted to give me these Gucci yacht joints.


Stop and smell.

Fanta and Nekst.

So good.

F*ck Elvis.

The homie Dick Chicken.

Cats in a bag are always good subjects for art.

I just liked the character on this sign.

I couldn't go anywhere that Adek hadn't already been. Dude is savage.

Sheina and Josh of the Re:Up Gang


Soba spot.

I like soup.

Toulouse Lautrec 1/2 man 1/2 amazing.

VG One.

It's hard to tell from this pic, but this Warhol was super big. It is probably 12 feet wide or so. The halftone is from the police photo of James Dean's fatal crash.

All in all NY was everything I expected and a lot of things I didn't expect. Like people being really really nice. Having lived in SD, Dallas, and now Seattle I feel like people in New York are just flat out much nicer than the average person in the previously mentioned cities. With the exception of food service. When ordering food social grace goes out the door.

The city feels massive and small at the same time. You see so much of the city through t.v, film, music, etc that you when you're there it feels like deja vu.

Thanks again to everybody in the rotten apple.


  1. Those Gucci boating shoes own this post. You so need them! looks like you had fun.

  2. that photographer is paul graham yo.

  3. Thanks. I've actually seen hurt youbad before. Good stuff.