Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back In The Day

You'll notice the new banner above. It isn't a new design, but was actually the o.g logo that Nick and I created for the art show that spawned Super Duty Tough Work.

Bear with me as I explain the short history behind SDTW:

SDTW was an art show that Nick McPherson and myself did in San Diego back in 2006.

The show was originally planned to be at the Travis Parker Salon and was called "Smash and Grab" and was supposed to focus on two characters named Smash and Grab that we had created a whole back story for, but we wanted the story to be told through animation which for obvious reasons couldn't happen at the time.

So after that show was canned we opted to switch to the title Super Duty Tough Work which for anyone that has ever watched Style Wars knows that "super duty tough work" is taken from a line by Case 2.

The show went much better than we expected and most of the pieces actually sold which was a nice bonus.

After the show I ended up selling my share in a brand I was doing at the time called Militree and walked away from the whole clothing thing and moved up to Seattle.

Above: The flyer that started it all. Peep the cameo by Baby Zeus when he was still an actual baby.

I decided to carry the SDTW theme over into the internet as a blog for all things that I was working on. Along with my projects I thought it would be a good platform for projects that my friends were doing. I didn't think it would take, but it did. People read this stupid page all the time and it's been cool to document my thoughts on a daily basis for the past 2 years.

Now I'm sort of at a crossroads with the new Heavy Manners being ready to drop which means I won't have the time to really do SDTW and Heavy Manners simultaneously.

That being said I will probably be transferring over the same content you see here for the most part on to the new Heavy Manners site and you can follow my sophisticated and delinquent ramblings over there when it drops.

Thank to everyone that reads daily and emails.

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