Friday, March 27, 2009


"The sick lunatic with the devilish poem..."

I think a lot of you have a soft spot for this album. I remember being in 2nd period P.E class putting this tape (yeah m*th fucka I said tape) in my beat up walkman and zoning out before they would call my name and number for calisthenics.

This album epitomizes the glory days of my high school years. During that time I only had a few dollars in my pocket, a skateboard, walkman, and my back pack.

The opus release from the super group of RZA, Frukwan a.k.a The Gatekeeper, Poetic, and Prince Paul was originally titled "Niggamortis" but label execs obviously got spooked and changed it to "6ft Deep" with only the European copies keeping the o.g and in my opinion the superior title.

Poetic suffered from colon caner and finally passed in 2001. The group never really re-united properly and none of the subsequent releases ever captured the vibe of the first album.

Take a trip down memory lane.

Track Listing:

* 1 - Intro
* 2 - Constant Elevation
* 3 - Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide
* 4 - Defective Trip
* 5 - 2 Cups Of Blood
* 6 - Blood Brothers
* 7 - 360 Questions
* 8 - 1-800-Suicide
* 9 - Pass The Shovel (only on the European release)
* 10 - Diary Of A Madman
* 11 - Mommy, What's A Gravedigga?
* 12 - Bang Your Head lyrics
* 13 - Here Comes The Gravediggaz
* 14 - Graveyard Chamber
* 15 - Death Trap
* 16 - 6 Feet Deep
* 17 - Outro

And I quote:

The cause of death is unknown to the cops
Cause when I kill them, I'm not leavin one element to autopse
First I'll assassinate em
And them I'll cremate them
And take all of his fucking ashes and evaporate em
Or creep through the graveyard and hunt down your tombstone
Dig up your skeleton and stomp all your fucking bones
You try to haunt me nigga, I ain't trying to hear it
Buck buck buck, I'll give your ass a holy spirit.


Gravediggaz "6ft Deep" Full Album

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