Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Live, Love, Laugh

Lifestyles of the cold and dangerous.

Lights, camera, action, Lenox.

I love being by myself and having nature show me these bizarre and inspiring moments that make you feel completely insignifigant. The f*cking ground is steaming, c'mon!

Jay is so ahead of his time his parents haven't even met yet.

Maui Brah and Launchy P are bff.

Jordan is such a hater.

This is what happens when you spill paint in the garage.

FYI Jordan made that face on purpose what he didn't intend was to have a little ranch dab on his face.

I deal with this Bozo almost every morning. Look at him. No job havin, Cheerio eatin, no goodnick, that's what he is.


Cooler than anyone you know.

30 degrees and right out in the open. Too easy.

Some dude.

Some other dude.

Steaks, veggies, son, and Dad.

Simple and good.

Stab Master Arson CB4ism.

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