Thursday, March 12, 2009

Prince Jazzbo

Straight from Claredon comes a man called Prince Jazzbo. I snagged this compilation from Pressure Sounds last week and have been giving it a listen. It's pretty good although I gotta say I prefer "Ital Corner" over this release.

It includes the diss track "Kick Boy Face" which was used in an on-going feud between toaster and deejay extraordinaire I-Roy. The best part was that the two were actually good friends, but the general public wasn't made aware of that little fact. I guess even in 1975 fake beef was a profitable idea. Some things never change.

I also posted the sleeve for Kick Boy Face because that cover is hard I don't care what you think.

1. Mr Funny
2. The Jazzbo All Stars - Mr Funny Version
3. Step Forward Youth
4. Black Is Power
5. Kick Boy Face
6. The Jazzbo All Stars - Kick Boy Face Version
7. Jazzbo's Mercy (Aka Youth In Service)
8. Every Nigga Is A Winner
9. Prince Jazzbo & Rosey Davis - Crankie Bine
10. Let Go Donkey
11. Stealing
12. Freedom
13. Jazz Mazwhoto - Free Dub
14. Jamaican Collie
15. Wood & Stone
16. Sin & Shame
17. For Star

Prince Jazzbo "Mr. Funny" Full Album

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