Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Early B

Early B a.k.a Early Bird a.k.a Doctor

Early came up along side Supercat as a mic man for Killamanjaro Sound.

This album alluded me for a while, but I pretty much knew it was a banger from the cover alone.

Unfortunately Early B was shot and killed in a dance in 1994. The list of murdered dancehall artists is a long one sadly.

Track Listing:

Cane Man A Fe Bathe
Kill Me With Talking
Just Love & Unity
New York Party
Call The Doctor For Me
Four Wheel No Reel
Computer Tek Over
Poor Class Want Mass

Produced by Jah Thomas

Get it.

P.S Try and show me a better album sleeve than the one above.

Early B "Four Wheel No Real"

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