Friday, December 5, 2008


For whatever reason Washington state makes the news every holiday season because of some religious hum bug. Last year at Sea-Tac Airport people caused a stink because they felt that only a "Christian" Holiday was being celebrated and forced all the decorations to be removed.

This year an Atheist group placed an ad next to a nativity scene and people again went nuts.

Whatever your beliefs happen to be you should be mature enough to accept the fact that every group has the constitutional right to advertise their agenda.

The best part is good Old Bill O' tried to get all tough and asked his viewers to call the Washington State Governor's office by putting her phone number up on screen. This led to 200 calls an hour for the whole day at Governor Gregoire's office.

Wow Bill. You have ridiculous pull. 200 is the same number of people that read this pinche blog an hour. So that's really not all that impressive. I expect more from you Papa Bear.

Atheists Take Aim At Christmas CNN

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