Monday, December 22, 2008

The Bug

This one album definitely grew on me over the last few months. I have this theory that dancehall and dubstep are going to basically sound the same in the next few years. I could be wrong, but the two genres seem to be clearly intertwined with the exception of dub-steps extreme low bass kicks that don't really sound the same when they come through my stock Crown Vic speakers.

But I digress. The Bug a.k.a Kevin Martin picked some good deejays from both sides of the pond to chat over some very impressive beats and the end product is pretty nice.

Track Listing:

1. "Angry" Tippa Irie, Kevin Martin 3:37
2. "Murder We" Ricky Ranking, Martin 3:53
3. "Skeng" Killa P, Flow Dan Martin 3:53
4. "Too Much Pain" Ricky Ranking Martin 3:54
5. "Insane" Warrior Queen Martin 3:29
6. "Jah War" Flow Dan, Martin 2:56
7. "Fuckaz" Spaceape, Martin 5:19
8. "You & Me" Roger Robinson, Martin 4:06
9. "Freak Freak" Martin 4:53
10. "Warning" Flow Dan, Martin 3:47
11. "Poison Dart" Warrior Queen, Martin 6:06
12. "Judgement" Ricky Ranking, Martin 5:03

Get it now:

The Bug "London Zoo"

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