Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Johnny Clarke

Johnny Clarke can do no wrong. I've never come across a dud tune by Mr. Clarke.

The only tune that is missing from this album is "King Of The Arena" which is one of my favorite tunes ever. I think that will be the next Heavy Manners' dubplate pick now that I'm thinking about
it. Soundboys, you have been warned.

If you have any aprehensions about whether or not you're gonna like this album watch below:

Track Listing:

1. Bad Days Are Going (Disco Cut)
2. Jah Jah We Are Waiting
3. Every Knee Shall Bow
4. Fittest Of The Fittest
5. Our Father In Zion
6. Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
7. Moving On To Zion
8. It’s A Disgrace
9. It A Go Rough
10. Blood Dunza (Different Style)


Johnny Clarke "Originally Mr. Clarke"

1 comment:

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