Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Order

No I don't have the nerve to offer some sort of "insight" into the world of New Order.

What can you really say about them other than that they make good music. I think my affinity for bands like The Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, Portishead, and the like has really grown over the year seeing as we share the same miserable climate which breeds this type of melodramatic sound.

Track Listing:

  1. "Age of Consent" – 5:16
  2. "We All Stand" – 5:14
  3. "The Village" – 4:37
  4. "5 8 6" – 7:31
  5. "Blue Monday" – 7:29
  6. "Your Silent Face" – 6:00
  7. "Ultraviolence" – 4:52
  8. "Ecstasy" – 4:25
  9. "Leave Me Alone" – 4:40
  10. "The Beach" – 7:18
Peep the color swatch in the upper right hand corner of the cover. Peter Saville's design actually uses the code swatch to represent the band's name and album title. By using the key on the back you were able to decipher the actual title. Of course for the U.S release they had to actually put the words on the front because we are a nation of imbeciles apparently.

Who is Peter Saville?

Just some guy that designed this OBSCURE cover:


New Order "Power, Corruption, and Lies" (Full Album)

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