Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lil Wayne "Da Drought 3"

So much hype about Wayne a.k.a Weezy F. Baby a.k.a Young Money a.k.a Young Carter etc.

The draw for me with Wayne is that he's so over the top. He's the only rapper out that will just say something so out of the pocket that you question his sanity.

I've went ahead and provided some examples of this below:

"If you don't like it/f*ck you with AIDS dick."

"L' L' lillie pad nigga L'look at the monster
y'you dont wanna crash like la la labamba."

"My shit poppin’ like im chris, no chris brown bitch
this up town bitch, that uptown shit, like what now
shut up you shut down bitch, now sit down bitch
we gets down bitch, now sit down bitch, don’t make a sound bitch
like a clown bitch, that red dot cover your nose like a clown bitch."

Who says this sh*t? The man has a gift. Whether you think he's good or not is not the point.

Da Drought 3 is widely considered his best album or mixtape whatever you want to call it. It comes off like an album because it's tag free and you don't have to listen to some assh*le shouting "cannnnooooonnnnn" every 15 seconds.

I went ahead and posted both Part 1 and Part 2. Do yourself a favor and download them both and judge things for yourself. You'll be entertained either way.


Lil Wayne "Da Drought 3" Part 1

Lil Wayne "Da Drought 3" Part2

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