Thursday, July 10, 2008

Minor Threat

What do you say about Minor Threat that already hasn't been said before?

The best American hardcore band ever?
Inventors of the "straight edge" movement?
DIY kings?

I think it comes down to one simple fact: Minor Threat sounds just as good today as they did in 1980 (one year before I was born).

Ideologically, I do not see eye to eye with Ian Mackaye on some points, but I think that is the POINT! Most people at the time didn't feel the same way as he did about drinking, drugs, and oddly enough sex.

So he voiced it for himself and it turns out there were a lot more people that felt the same way. When you do something just for yourself without a single concern for the opinions of those watching the results are typically ground breaking or at the least unique.

Anyone who is familiar with the genre may think that doing a post on Minor Threat is like doing on post on Bob Marley and to some degree you would be right. However, the music is so socially relevant now as it was in it's hey day that it is worth it if one person downloads this album.


As far as favorites go "Filler" is king in my book. "I Don't Want To Hear It"and "Seeing Red" are right behind it.

The production quality was always better with Minor Threat then most of their contemporaries and over the years I think that has probably helped the band age well.

Like all good bands there is plenty of contradictions and drama and Minor Threat had a short lived career as a whole. While the parts that were dismantled eventually led to other great things like Fugazi, Dischord Records Label, and even Adult Swim's redord label.

For all that click below:

Minor Threat: Wiki Page

Minor Threat: The Complete Discography

Track Listing:

1. "Filler" – 1:32
2. "I Don't Wanna Hear It" – 1:13
3. "Seeing Red" – 1:02
4. "Straight Edge" – 0:45
5. "Small Man, Big Mouth" – 0:55
6. "Screaming at a Wall" – 1:31
7. "Bottled Violence" – 0:53
8. "Minor Threat" – 1:27
9. "Stand Up" – 0:53
10. "12XU" – 1:03
11. "In My Eyes" – 2:49
12. "Out of Step (With the World)" – 1:16
13. "Guilty of Being White" – 1:18
14. "Steppin' Stone" – 2:12
15. "Betray" – 3:02
16. "It Follows" – 1:50
17. "Think Again" – 2:18
18. "Look Back and Laugh" – 3:16
19. "Sob Story" – 1:50
20. "No Reason" – 1:57
21. "Little Friend" – 2:18
22. "Out of Step" – 1:20
23. "Cashing In" – 3:44
24. "Stumped" – 1:55
25. "Good Guys (Don't Wear White)" – 2:14
26. "Salad Days" – 2:46


Minor Threat "The Complete Discography"

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