Sunday, July 20, 2008

House Party Aftermath

All good parties start first and foremost with hot dogs

Billy with the pre-game thiz face

Then Salts showed up with Abbie and things went down hill

We started a frat

Mike's in it

Little Al

Usually when you show a girl your snake you get beat up, not the case when you're Baby Zeus

Smile now

Cry later

Her body was like silk, but her face was a shocker

Only fly mami's allowed in this clubhouse

And they gotta be down with some d

Pick a winner

If you do this

and do that

Chances are you'll end up on the floor

Big ups to Little Alex for winding up the place wif him bad man dancing and ting

The line up

I think she's a dude, bro

Ed* Thanks to everyone who came through to the party. Good times. Thanks for not puking on anything and not bringing any fat chicks.

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