Monday, July 7, 2008

Seattle Graffiti Problem

Good God no! There's graffiti on stuff. Call Jesus and tell him to start firing up the Armageddon machine!

Reporters love graffiti stories. It's a no brainer. First thing you do is blame graffiti for all crime in the area. Then you make the "genius" comparison of graffiti = crime which is clearly the only "logical" answer.

Really? Because I'm pretty sure crime happens entirely without graffiti. When police arrest drug dealers or junkies do they find spray cans and markers on them? I'm gonna say no. They may however find things like DRUGS or GUNS. I know, I know I just blew away your mind.

Imagine that? Criminals and junkies with weapons or drugs completely unrelated to graffiti what so ever committing crimes.

Of course that "angle" is never presented by the "crack" squad they have at King 5.

Do I think people should "tag" in Greenwood Park? No. But don't say that crime and tagging are related because that is completely an "assumption" and that's not what the news is supposed to be.

Watch this horrible news clip on the link below and draw your own conclusions.

Seattle Graffiti Problem

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