Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crass: The Feeding Of The 5000

If my partner Justin ever posted music on the blog I'd imagine Crass would be one of the first bands he would start with.

There is a load of reading material about Crass on the internet and I would say it's better to educate yourself on the group then for me to write some dribble about a group I personally don't know all that much about other then their importance to the punk and anarcho-punk culture.

Some of the more interesting stuff I found was the description of their iconic logo.

Read below:

"The aforementioned logo represented an amalgamation of several "icons of authority" including the Christian Cross, the swastika and the Union Flag combined with a two-headed snake consuming itself (to symbolize the idea that power will eventually destroy itself). Using such deliberately mixed messages was part of Crass' strategy of presenting themselves as a "barrage of contradictions", which also included using loud, aggressive music to promote a pacifist message, and was in part a reference to their own Dadaist and performance art backgrounds."

- from Wiikipedia

Track Listing:

1. "Asylum"
2. "Do They Owe Us A Living?"
3. "End Result"
4. "They've Got A Bomb"
5. "Punk Is Dead"
6. "Reject Of Society"
7. "General Bacardi"
8. "Banned From The Roxy"
9. "G's Song"

Side 2

1. "Fight War, Not Wars"
2. "Women"
3. "Securicor"
4. "Sucks"
5. "You Pay"
6. "Angels"
7. "What A Shame"
8. "So What"
9. "Well?....Do They?"

Note* It's a cd rip, but the track listing reflects the LP track listing.


Crass "The Feeding of The 5000" (Full Album)

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