Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Heavy Manners Sizzla Mix

After a really long haul the Heavy Manners "Fire Pon Dem" mix hosted by Sizzla Kalonji and mixed by Dasheye of Tribe of Kings Sound is finally available for download.

Instead of releasing it on SDTW I handed the mix off to someone who is known to deal in these sorts of things Chris a.k.a Lemon Red.

Chris and I linked at a Diplo/Bonde Do Role show which he was managing at the time and he is now working for the Money Studies label out of the Turntable Lab NY office. Look for big tings from him soon.

I can not even remember all the mixes he has released on his humble little blog, but all of them are strictly dope and it's an honor to have ours up on there.

Go here to download it:


Ed* Special thanks to Dash, Unite, all of T.O.K Sound, Sizzla, Chris, Snack y C'Mish, DJ Eleven, and Nick Catchdubs for all the help.

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