Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clint Eastwood & General Saint

A lot of the albums that I post pon' the blog are stuff that I've come across in the last few months some in the last few years and some from way back. This falls into the latter. This was my first Henry "Junjo" Lawes produced album that I ever owned and it might possibly be my favorite.

This album dropped the same year I was born (1981) and is one of the best examples of the "rub a dub" genre, period. Although, a lot of folks have their own definition of what they define "rub a dub" as. I would say it best exemplifies the sound that is derivitive of standard roots, but uses the bass and drum in a much deeper and heavier style then what was being done by most producers of the era.

Clint Eastwood has a really solid deejay catalogue full of great tunes where Saint only seems to have this album and "Stop That Train" LP. Maybe Saint is the Fathead to Clint's Yellowman? I truly don't know anything about Saint outside of those two albums.

I'm straying away from the topic. This album is ridiculously good. All of the tunes are classic Junjo style and Clint Eastwood's chat paired with General Saint really makes this one stand out. The chorus' and melodies use a lot of call and response style chat with a lot of peps in between i.e "Riiiggghhhhhtttt", "OOOOOOiiiinnnkkkkk."

So many good tunes it's really unfair to single one out, but if I had to I'd say that "Tribute To General Echo" is my fave. The obvious reason being that it is a tribute to "Ranking Slackness" a.k.a General Echo, but also the dubbed out riddim by Junjo and Scientist is of my favorite tunes ever and just never gets tired.

At any rate don't pass this one up.


Track List:

1. I Can't Take Another World War
2. Another One Bites The Dust
3. Talk About Run
4. Sweet Sweet Matilda
5. Special Request To All Prisoner
6. Dance It Have Fe Nice
7. Gal Pon The Front Line
8. Jack Spratt
9. Tribute To General Echo
10. Hey Mr DJ
11. What About Right Oink!
12. Healing In The Balmyard
13. Banana Export
14. Young Lover
15. Two Bad DJ


Clint Eastwood and General Saint "Two Bad D.J"

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