Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jacob Miller

Recorded between 1974-75 this album is considered Jacob Miller's best roots effort in his catalogue. No doubt that this was largely due from Augustus Pablo's epic production.

I've been on a serious Jacob Miller kick lately and this is easily my favorite LP of his. I personally think Augustus Pablo brings out the best in singers.

Don't be fooled in thinking this is a proper album being that it is only 6 actual tracks with the accompanying dub versions. Jacob Miller would die only 5 years after these sessions in a freak car accident. Nine years after that King Tubby would be murdered outside his studio and 10 years after that Augustus Pablo would die.

Track Listing:

1. Keep On Knocking
2. Knocking Version
3. False Rasta
4. Hungry Town Skank
5. Baby I Love You So
6. King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
7. Who Say Jah No Dread
8. Jah Dread
9. Each One Teach One
10. Each One Teach One Version
11. Girl Name Pat
12. Girl Name Pat Version

Donwload it:

Jacob Miller "Who Say Jah No Dread" (Full Album)

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