Saturday, March 22, 2008

Heavy Manners Mix on Turntable Lab

There is no stopping the "Fire Pon Dem" Mix, seen?

We are happy to announce that TurnTable Lab wooped up a whole bunch of copies of the first official Heavy Manners mix by Selecta Dasheye featuring Sizzla.

I've been put on to so much good music because of The Lab and now to have something of our own on the site is a pretty good feeling.

Go there a buy a copy before they're gone for good. Only 300 physical copies were pressed and we won't be making any more after those.

Heavy Manners Mix on TTL

Special thanks to all the posse that have helped out: Dash, Unite, Lemon Red, Eleven, Snack y C'Mish, Charlie Pratt, Nick, The Fader Mag online, TTL, Rogue, and all the folks sending the emails.

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