Monday, March 10, 2008

Josey Wales

Two fi' one Josey Wales LP.

A good primer for early 80's Josey material with both "The Outlaw" and "No Way Better Than Yard" LP's in one shot.

Josey Wales is considered one of the best of the 80's deejays and he has the 45s to prove it. You get some classics on here with "Leggo Mi Hand", "It A Fi Burn", and "Yu Wrong Fe Send Come Call Me."

Josey got his start on the Sturgav Sound System owned by U-Roy and came into major prominence on Henry "Junjo" Lawes' Volcano Sound System along with his fellow deejay Charlie Chaplin. Outlaw was co-produced by Josey himself and Mr. Chin while No Way Better Than Yard find Junjo at the boards with Radics providing the backing. A lot of the tunes on here a bit slower and have more of a roots tinge to them when compared to the the more popular "digital" style that was more popular at the time.

Track Listing:

(The Outlaw Tracks)
1. It A Fi Burn
2. Love I Want
3. Can't Put It On
4. Beg You Come Home
5. Jam It Again
6. Let Go Mi Hand
7. No Bother Tax Me
8. Stalk Of Sensimilia
9. Music Diseases
10. Asking For Love

(No Way Better Than Yard Tracks(
11. It Have Fe Sail
12. The World Is Like A Mirror
13. Yu Too Greedy
14. Eden A Try
15. No Way No Better Than Yard
16. Drug Abusing
17. Jah Jah Move
18. Maxine
19. Yu Wrong Fe Send Come Call Me
20. Zion Home


Josey Wales "Outlaw/No Way Better Than Yard"

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