Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mikey Dread Rest In Peace

Mikey Dread passed away at 4:30 pm yesterday.

This hits home a little personally for me. I actually had the pleasure of working with Mikey a few times. He was the first reggae artist that I ever approached about working with them. It is very surreal to think that he is gone after being diagnosed with a brain tumor only a few short months ago.

Luckily Mikey left his mark on this world and he has left it a better place by him being here.

Rest In Power Mikey Dread, you will not be forgotten.

Here are some of Mikey's best tunes please check them out:


Mikey Dread "Jumping Master" mp3

Mikey Dread "Warrior Stylee" mp3

Mikey Dread "Skin Head Skank" mp3

Mikey Dread "Losers Weepers" mp3

Mikey Dread "Israel 12 Tribes Stylee (Extended) mp3

1 comment:

  1. holy shit, fuck the economy i can't believe mikey dread died. i didn't know about this until 5 mins ago. RIP.