Thursday, October 25, 2007


Big thanks to everyone who has reposted the flyer and made donations.

I wanted to take the time to be explain the specifics behind the charity drive.

If you are not yet aware the actual danger to any person in these areas is pretty much nil. People are not in danger of burning save for the fire fighters and pilots whom are putting their necks on the line 24/7. Evacuees are not starving at the designated shelters or sleeping in the cold per say.

The real crisis is going to come and pardon the pun "when the smoke clears" so to speak.

If you are not familiar with insurance policies, which even I am no expert of by any means, they have what is called an "Act of God" clause.

Which states: The insurance company does not have to pay if the loss is caused by an unforeseen event.

Also even when a contract does not contain an explicit Act of God clause, common law will often not enforce the contract if an unforeseen event occurs.

This is the blow we are trying to soften for some of the folks in my hometown. The damage isn't even truly calculable at this point. You can total up the property loss and such, but what about loss of local/domestic business revenue, cities allocating funds from previously established projects, the overall loss of revenue for the entire city and per family, etc.

So that is what these folks are up against.

We are urging people to by pass or modest donation drive and go directly to the source:

SD Red Cross

Also a special thanks to the following brands, stores, blogs, etc that were kind enough to post the flyer up on their own sites and myspace profiles.

Please check out our friends who have helped spread the word:

Street Machine
Tribe of Kings
Flying Coffin
Publik Hair
Winner's Circle
Versus Store
Actual Pain
Nim Nim
Sensational Concretes

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