Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sylford Walker and Welton Irie

The "Lambs Bread International" album isn't exactly a secret among avid roots enthusiasts, but it will probably stand the test of time as one of the best roots re-issues ever.

I've had this re-issue for ages and I still find myself re-discovering it a couple times a year. Most of the production is Glen Brown with a man called King Tubby 'pon the controls.

It excels with a very simple roots formula: rolling bass, echoed vocals, biblical style horn sections, and apocalyptic lyrics all of which are layered together by the Father of Dub King Tubby.


Welton Irie "Lambs Bread International" mp3
Ed* Welton Irie version of the tune with one of my favorite lyrics "Used to know a dread/ By the name of Fred/Who used to make 'im living by selling lambs bread/"

Sylford Walker "Babylonians" mp3
Ed* A perfect roots tune

Sylford Walker "Eternal Day" mp3
Ed* This is probably the best tune of the re-issue with Sylford Walker chanting a prophetic warning to all evil doers who can hide from the "I" but you can't hide from Jah

Sylford Walker "Chant Down Babylon" mp3

Welton Irie "Ghettoman Corner" mp3
I prefer the Welton version over Sylford's on this particular riddim, but they are both vicious

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