Monday, October 8, 2007

Big Youth "Natty Universal Dread" (1973-1979)

You'd think by now that Blood and Fire would just start putting SDTW on their mailing list seeing as most of my recent posts have all been re-issues by the label.

I got lucky and found this in the used bin of all places. This one clocks in with 3 full discs of Big Youth tunes and a huge booklet with tons of exclusive pics and interviews etc. All in all it is just another perfect Blood and Fire release and makes me wish I worked at the label.

A lot of these tunes on this re-issue can be found on Big Youth's "Screaming Target" LP but are typically alternate versions from the session which is sort of the calling card for the label.

As good as "S.90 Skank" and "Waterhouse Rock" and "Chucky No Lucky" are I opted to go with tunes that you wouldn't find on "Screaming Target" or the other Big Youth 2-disc compilation "Ride Like Lightning."

If this is your first time listening to "Jah Youth" consider yourself lucky. I believe "Screaming Target" was the first "deejay" album I ever bought and I can just remember gazing at the cover and listening to it over and over. Big Youth has been imitated so many times by so many reggae artists it is almost impossible to imagine reggae as we know it without him. After Big Youth the entire formula for reggae was obsolete. He is and was that prolific.

Listen to the tunes as I would say.

Big Youth "Hot Cross Bun" mp3

Big Youth "Messiah Garvey" (extended) mp3

Big Youth "Things In The Light" mp3

Big Youth "Miss Lou Ring A Ding" mp3

Big Youth "Can't Take Wah Happen On A West" mp3

Big Youth "Battle of The Giants Part 1" mp3

Big Youth " Natty Unviversal Dread" mp3

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