Monday, October 22, 2007

California is Burning

If you have seen any bit of news in the last couple days then you probably already know about the wild fire conflagration that is taking place in Southern California.

Having been born and raised in San Diego and North County it has hit a little closer to home for me personally in the last few days. My parents are just 2 of the 250,000 San Diego residents to be forced from their homes from the threat of the fires. My Dad works for the hospital and with the fires already knocking on the door of his home it is even scarier to think that the hospital where he works at is only a mile away.

In the last 10 years or so residents have grown accustom to dealing with wild fires much like Washingtonians deal with rain. The big fires typically were separated by years of no incidence, but now it seems like they happen every year and get worse each time.

San Diego only receives 13 and half inches of rain per year. That's all folks. The county looks beautiful with all the trees, gardens, and parks, but what you don't realize is that San Diego is essentially a desert. So when a fire pops up in the county the chance for it to find more "fuel" is very probable.

Anyways, I am positive that things will be okay and from what my friends and family say it sounds as though the citizens are well prepared and everyone is helping out as best they can.

To all my friends back home stay safe.

For 24/7 updates on the fires in SD use this link:

San Diego Wildfire Site

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