Friday, June 25, 2010

SDTW Presents: T Shirt Buyer's Guide For Retards

As bad as these designs are it is worth noting that if they didn't exists I would have less laughter in my life. They also allow me to see you coming down the street. So it's a win win.

There is nothing "gangster" about this. This is clearly some sort of gay slang that I am just not up on.

Ok? If for some reason you DID need to say this to someone, why would you need to bite the Knicks logo to do so?

The only person who should wear this shirt is Plaxico Burress. End of story.

Oh word? Why do get the sinking feeling that the only thing you are gggggrrrrinding on is Top Ramen then?

Your Parents rule everything around you.

The Game wore this shirt. So.....yeah that is all I can say about this one.

Why is it that dudes that wear shirts like this are always sitting next to old ladies on the bus?

Dawg, you forgot the "Not From..." above the Compton font.

Who fuck is still using Triple Beams? If you don't got a digital scale then you are not dreaming big enough my naive little friend.

Well, I am all for free music, but DJ Drama makes play lists not mixtapes. Also he STILL refuses to wear his hat right.

Wrong. A bunch of wild'n out dudes wearing "RIP Lil' Ray Ray" t shirts live in The South and spend their money like drunk 12 year olds.

Hip Hop lives on an undisclosed college campus where it is busy longboarding to Derek's house where it will be smoking "b-loads" all day watching "It's Always Sunny In Philadeplphia" re-runs in sandals.

You can buy all of these shirts Mix Unit Dot Com



  1. The first one is from fight club.

  2. Seriously Skipper I think you might be on to something with that "Not From Compton" tee shirt idea.The hipsters would go crazy for it with that old ironic irony thing that's so cool these days.You better make that shit before Johnny Nobody sells thousands of them to Digital Gravel or some shit.

  3. lol I love this post.