Tuesday, June 8, 2010

C.I.A Is Trying To Kill We

My buddy Hugh had told me a while back that he read a story about the C.I.A using the Shower Posse/drug trafficking story to hide the fact that the U.S is really trying to get their hands on some of that oil in the Caribbean. I think this is the one he was referring to.

Sounds like some standard shady U.S shit.

Of course it also sounds like some Zeitgeist shit too so you never know what is true.

I tend to think if you follow the money behind anything you will get your answers.

Jamaica = broke as fuck
U.S = consistently pocket checking countries since Day 1

Anyways I know not too many of you give a rat's dick about any of this, but fuck you SDTW runs tings, tings no run we.

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