Thursday, June 24, 2010

San Diego Fail

I love my home town. I enjoy how it is the best example of a Latino/Caucasian/Asian melting pot. Is there d-bags and fucktards in SD? Oh heeps of them, but all in all it is a very cool place to grow up.

That being said the reason why San Diego will NEVER and I do mean NEVER become a major metropolis is because the place is basically like the Gestapo on the arts and music culture. You can paint a Chicano heritage mural all the live long day nearly anywhere in the city, but try and get an installation by Barry McGee and friends and the city turns into Mobile, Alabama circa 1965.

Do I give a shit whether they like Twist and his work? No, not really. But, I do think it is lame that SD will never "get it" when it comes to art and music. That is why everyone with a shred of talent flees to NY or LA and it is also why anyone worth mentioning never ever reps San Diego. A vicious cycle.

"That's why n*ggas think everyone from San Diego is a grandma or a surfer."

Nah mean?

Yeah, so if you want to have a Ben Harper slash Microbrew Festival in the city = no problem.


If you want to have a legitimate art show or a decent movie premiere or rowdy concert or some shit = not gonna happen.

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