Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hip Hop Fail

I know I am kicking a dead dog in the dick with this one, but c'mon.

Most people are aware that Ross was a cop and that The Source hasn't been relevant since...ever, but what kind of world are we living in where someone who legitimately contributed to a genre for more than a decade (Guru) gets pt 12 type "props" instead of a cover?

And to add insult to injury in his place you put a dude who uses the name of one of the most famous cocaine dealers in history and was a fucking cop and not like some went to the academy and dropped out kind of a cop, but like a full on fucking pig. Do you know how much dirt you can do and still be allowed to become a cop? Fucking negative zero. You pretty much can not have a criminal record to even apply for that shit.

I'm not saying they should have some Guru Luther King Jr. Day or some shit, just fucking take one month out of the "rapcter" cover schedule and give the Guru some shine.

Here's some irony for you.

Had Rick Ross died of a heart attack you know without a doubt that motherfucker would be on the cover and there would be a ten page spread detailing his massive 3 album catalogue.

The Source < Complex < a dog's pussy


  1. i think i'm gonna check your blog twice as much now that i know you have an angry hater. i keep praying that theres somthing in the comment section clownin on skip.

  2. This dude's got such a big melon head he makes big ass Cazals look like swimming goggles! Do they make camera lenses big enough to focus that Planet sized dome???? The Source sucks bucket butts... You are right!