Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cause Ya Face Do Like This

Ghost can rap.

He can not think up good album covers though.

It's fine. I'd rather it be that way. I'm just saying don't let the motherfucker art direct anything.

This and 3 other joints didn't make the final cut because of sample clearance issues. You can find them shits easy and I even posted them way back when.

Get it gods:

Bullet Proof Pillows and Teflon Pajama Sets

1 comment:

  1. dear summer,
    drop top hummer,
    im talkin blow job, no BP runner..
    and could we give some to the drummer?
    the block is hot, wobble wobble wobble, im ya #1 stunner..

    aint if ya aint worked out, the vanity's a bummer
    but who cares whatchya workin wit, lets find you a lover..
    sun meets their faces like harry and lloyd,
    they go dumb, we go dumber, errrr...

    dont treep, no rush, no "gimmetheDAMNnumber!"
    aint no fun funner than a wide smiled summer
    hopefully our minds find peace while the winter slumbers
    shot out to the haters, shout outs to the lovers

    we so wild 80s style child, chucks up on the wire,
    upchuck, thas bile.. and dem girl gone wild
    so we cruise like tom, steady top gunner
    i just wanna wish yall a beautiful summer..