Saturday, June 26, 2010

FunkMaster Flex

When I got this tape I didn't know about Mister Cee and Ron. G or any of that. I lived quite possibly the furthest away possible geographically from NY one could in the States. I did have this tape and it blew me away at the time that Flex would just mix dudes over different instrumentals and remix shit live and all that. He even put some ragga jams on these.

Listening to it now I would say that dude really went in considering this shit was on RCA. At any rate there is so major nostalgia factor tracks on here and some "oh shit moments" to boot.

Flex STILL makes money yelling over dudes on the radio and he still probably has a shit ton of Lugz money too. Imagine explaining that to your kids.

Kid: "Daddy, how do you make money to buy us a house and all these toys?"
Flex:"You know all those ugly ass shoes in Daddy's closet?"
Kid: "Yeah?"
Flex:"Back a long time ago Daddy used to get paid to promote the ugliest shoes ever made. They were like your Crocs sweety, but for black people and misguided white kids in trailer parks."

Hate if you will, but dude could make a fucking mix tape with the best of them in his prime and he is still paid.

Get em' Flex.

Naddddddaaaa Mean

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  1. Flex used to piss me off on the radio, but his tapes were always crucial. Could count on him to drop a bomb on some ill shit.