Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SDTW Photoshop Skillz

Taking a shot at BP is like taking a shot at the stripper with the c-section scar.

You are gonna hit the bulls eye no matter how bad you're aiming.

I don't care for politics, but I do care about a bunch of people going broke because of oil's greed. It seems that this did not have to happen and they could have prevented what was a completely avoidable conflagration <---- workin' in those S.A.T words

How do we fix it?

Fuck if I know, dude.

Shit just sucks.

All my Gulf Coast peoples hold your head up.


  1. fuck if you "care for politics", politics happen with or without your cynical ass. they're not even trying to hide anymore what with all the motherfuckers sleeping. sdtw, I know voting won't make the difference, but stockpile those guns, for baby zeus' sake

  2. Just because there is a bunch of lame shit in this world and I just HAPPEN to point some of it out does not make me cynical.

    Also voting is for the birds. Guess how many jury duty requests I've had in the last 8 years?