Monday, June 14, 2010


For all the London man dem...


  1. you only remembered that it was 2004 because he says it at the start, but i think that maybe the culture says a bit about him not hearing it, after all america is a long way away (as the bird flies) i do remember getting this song quite a few years ago, but i have to say that at least if a new ear can hear this hit... it would be good

  2. That tune is, and always will be a banger. Grime is in a great place right now with a lot of artists doing different things. Many of them are putting out tracks that evoke the same emotion. Look at every Tempa T release. Safe for posting.

  3. God, it must "Obvious" Day at Camp Retard.

    You think I didn't know that the tune was from 2004 a.k.a the last time you got consensual pussy?

    Did you assume I was blind and could not see that everyone in it looked like throwback fails?

    I posted a song that I was listening to yesterday not submitting my final thesis on geo-musical culture in the form of youtube video.

    Also your opinion does not matter.

    It is SDTW dot blogspot dot com. Not SDTW and the virgin grime expert committee dot blogspot dot com.

  4. Internet beef is gayer than most of the guys in that video, but Anonymous please don't refer to the British as Euros. We reserve that title for insulting italians and the like.