Monday, June 14, 2010

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined

Some pimple faced stoner kid outside the store:

"Dudeeeeeee, I saw this shit on fuckin' Youtube last night. It was fucking crazy bro. It was like about how these dudes fucking control all the countries in the world and have all these meetings on how to like take over shit. Nah bro, it was like all legit shit with tons of facts and scientists and shit."

I love how these dudes act like they are the fucking Rebel Alliance or some shit.

Notice how they SELL tons of shit on their website not to fund their next "film" about the same bullshit, but to buy more chicken wings at Hooters. Also if you dudes were really legit wouldn't it be and not dot com?

The fuck outta here with that shit.

You are going to tell me that these Illuminati NWO dudes are taking over the world Cobra style when they can't even stop a motherfucking oil leak in the ocean? They can blow up the Twin Towers and lie about it, but they can't fucking pass a bill to build a new highway without fucking up the paperwork?


All these "infowar" movies have ever discovered is this:

Money makes people do shady shit.

Wow. My mind is blown. Congratulations dudes you discovered something that the world has known since the invention of money. Good for you.

Also, how you gonna call yourself a director when you use royalty free footage for an entire movie? And why these shits so fucking long? 2 1/2 hours? The fuck you need 2 1/2 hours for? This ain't Lord Of The Rings homie.

Da da da dumb.

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