Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Testing Testing

So I was checking the traffic stats for Ye Ol' SDTW and they are off the charts. More delinquents are reading the dribble I post up here than ever before. This is mind boggling because I don't think anything we (I) post up here is that riveting, but apparently I am wrong.


With that in mind I'd like to ask you (the readers) what it is you'd like to see more of. Not that I will grant this magical wish, but at the very least I might get a better idea of who is reading. I know a lot of you come here looking for Heavy Manners news and what have you, but that is in the works and to be honest I think I speak for Justin and myself when I say that we have pretty much become so apathetic toward the whole clothing thing. I don't care if I ever make another tee ever again, but I say this knowing full well that Heavy Manners will come back strong when the time is right. So for now just deal with SDTW. There are many great things in the works and when you see them you will be pleased as punch.

Pick one category you'd like see more of:

- music
- brand crap
- graffiti
- interviews
- animation
- artists
- keep it random

Comment away.

And thanks for reading.


  1. Really appreciate the SDTW blog, I always make sure to check it out regularly. I really enjoy the diversity of your posts and I have to say you are definitely holding it down for the west coast. Keep on doing what you do! I can't wait until Heavy Manners is back in full force.

    BTW I ordered some tees from you guys forever ago and your customer service is superb!

  2. less talk more rock.

    I actually like the photos series the most, and I do enjoy the music as well.

  3. Wow. Someone pulled out Stab Master Arson. Thanks. Hugh Knight is biased because he wants Lenox Lickshot to do drops on his next mixtape.

  4. I used to check your blog for the reggae stuff but i like the random stuff just as much, big up!