Thursday, January 15, 2009

General Trees

General Trees is wicked. Period.

The strange part about this record is I can't recognize any of the session players or engineers or anyone for that matter involved with it. Usually a few names will pop out, but I can't call it on this one.

No worries all the riddims are of the nice mid-80's digital affair and ram.

Check the "Scatter Me Scatter" tune with the turbo paced "Sleng Teng" bass sample.

Track Listing:

1. Gone A Negril
2. Mind Reader
3. This Is Threes
4. Serious Ting
5. Vege Bun
6. Threes In De Place
7. Mini Bus
8. Scatter Me Scatter
9. Fresh
10.Great Jamaican Jockeys


General Trees "Negril"

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