Monday, January 19, 2009

Swap Meet Scores

I've recently become obsessed with swap meets in the last year or so. It's like shopping in the best store in the world especially when you consider the "come up" factor. I copped all kinds of ridiculous items my last go round i.e Georgetown Hoyas snap back hat, Smiths Meat Is Murder tee, and the always essential Rastafarian velcro wallet.

Usually I have to go to SD for big show a.k.a Kobey's but I've been to a few up here in the Northwest and they weren't bad, but for sure no Kobey's.

Now I got Nick sending me weekly scores like this Dukes of Hazzard watch. You can't see Nick's face, but I'm almost positive he has a smug little look on his mug.

Thanks Nick you gloating ass.

*Bonus SDTW Fact:

Bo Duke a.k.a the blond one is my cousin. We kick it during the holidays or whatever. No big whoop.

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