Wednesday, January 7, 2009


After a few years and a lot of talk Persue pronounced (per-SWAY) finally got a blog to document all his globe trotting, painting, art, and all things Bunny Kitty.

Persue has been a good friend of mine for the last few years and it is awesome to finally see him get some shine in the blog world. The man is criminally slept on mainly due to his own humility as an artist. You will not find a more humble artist of his caliber anywhere. For the most part he has chosen to remain quite and let his work do the talking.

His work on the street level hardly goes unnoticed as his resume will assert. Persue belongs to NY's C.O.D, Can 2's Stick Up Kids, Rime's The Exchange, and most recently the world famous Seventh Letter Crew.

For the last few years Persue has been developing an entire world dedicated to one character: Bunny Kitty.

Bunny Kitty is more of ever evolving story than a brand or product. Persue has created a story that he tells through stories, characters, music, toys, coloring books, stickers, skate decks, art shows, and anything else you could possibly think of.

But it is best to let him do the explaining.


Bunny Kitty Web Site

Also little sneak heads up...Persue was chosen for the new Seventh Day Project which premiers later today
Known Gallery/TSL

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