Thursday, January 15, 2009

D.O.A Hardcore 81'

Canada's D.O.A inadvertently coined the term "hardcore" when they released this album. D.O.A has a lot more musical chops than most bands of the time and dare I say a slight English influence in their chorus' and transitions.

You should get this one just for the fact that the lead singer's name is Joey Shithead.

Track Listing:

1. "D.O.A"
2. "Unknown"
3. "Slumlord"
4. "Musical Interlude"
5. "I Don't Give A Shit"
6. "M.C.T.F.D"
7. "Communication Breakdown" (Led Zeppelin cover)
8. "001 Loser's Club"
9. "Fucked Up Baby"
10. "The Kenny Blister Song"
11. "Smash The State"
12. "My Old Man's A Bum"
13. "Bloodsucker Baby"
14. "Waiting For You"


D.O.A "Hardcore 81'

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