Friday, January 2, 2009

Reggae Overload

I'm pretty sure this is actually a compilation and not a proper album, but like anything I could be wrong. The first four tunes alone are worth the download. The whole album comes from Brown's (Niney Years) which many nerds consider to be when Brown was at his best.

Track Listing:

No More Will I Roam
Blood Sun
Run Too Late
Only A Smile
Silver Words
Funny Feeling
Go Now

Dennis Brown "Dennis"

And then we have this dude. I was talking with Unite on the phone and we started getting into the whoas of Eek A Mouse and his off stage f*ckery, but we both ended up talking about how crucial Eek A Mouse truly was to dancehall's 80s era. One listen to this album and you'll know how random dude truly is. I picked "Assassinator" in particular just because it is harder to come by and I have never seen it on cd ever.

Check the tune "Posse" for some vicious sing jay biddy biddy bong bong non sense.

Track Listing:

Gunshot A Cry
Born Traveller
Peenie Walli (Fireflies)
Triple Love
Bad Friday
Some A Holla Some A Bawl

Eek A Mouse "Assassinator

One of the biggest toasters ever. I-Roy has some many good tunes. I thought this one would be good to round out the trifecta post here. I-Roy died in 1999 and was apparently homeless at the time of his death.

Track Listing:

Semi Classical Natty Dread
Musical Shark Attack
Drum Sound
Is Love I Deal With
Social Development
Skyjuice And Festival Dumping
Run For Your Life
Tribute To Michael Holding
Everybody Ballin'
Tribute To Marcus Garvey

I-Roy "Musical Shark Attack

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