Sunday, January 4, 2009

National Lenox's Christmas Vacation

It was miracle we even made to SD with the weather in Seattle, but we managed to get through the airport sans my i.d. and get to Nonny and Papa's house for the holidays. Here's a few choice pics.

Lenox ripping apart his first present.

Playing with a new remote control car with his uncle. The car lasted 2 days. R.I.P Speedy Stunt Car. Live fast, die young I guess.

I want a f*ckin shark head. It doesn't have to be real per say, but it would really tie the living room together.

I have always appreciated simple hand painted local art for whatever reason.

There was an oldschool candy shop next door that had the all the old joints. Lenox went ape. I caught him stealing a pack of giant Smartie's. (not joking)

Get swiss cheesed up dun.

Oh and I saw this SUPER racist tin sign. C'mon America! Really?

Lenox came back to SD after staying a week with his grandparents. First thing he wanted to do was skate. You hear that? Skate, skate, skate. I am raising a prodigy.

Too bad, too rude. Father and son. Lenox got a kid's New Era "SD" fitted. Stunt stuntin' is a habit.

After skating it was straight to Goods so Lenox could go bug Jason for the umpteenth time for this Flying Coffin hat. Jason could in theory save himself the grief by sponsoring Little L on the skate team, but neither side have reached amicable terms.

Cartoons on the laptop and cereal in the bowl.

I snagged this book for Lenox. I am biting this character for sure. Orange sweater werecat? Ridiculous.

Normally if I saw a naked man in my window I would either attack him or call the pigs, but when it's your son you just have to shake your head and get him to stop swinging his ding a ling for the whole world to see.

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