Thursday, August 7, 2008

SDTW presents "Best of Ghostface"

I put together a little tribute compilation of the "Iron Man." Not the dude in the metal suit, son! The "REAL" Iron Man a.k.a Tony Starks a.k.a Pretty Toney a.k.a the Ghostface Killah.

I've been on the Ghost train since day one. I bought "Iron Man" the day it came out in 1996. 12 years later Ghost is still making great music and is probably more relevant than ever.

He is the only member of the Clan to have not fallen off in terms of quality solo albums. Is Big Doe Rehab as good as Supreme Clientele? No, of course not, but it is however quite good when compared to the output of his contemporaries and when you consider the fact that it is his 7th full length release. Count how many rappers have more than 3 good albums? It's a small group.

Yeah, it's not that easy to do. Making this comparison between his fellow members makes that little fact even more amazing.

Allow me to elaborate:

RZA = One good solo record as Bobby Digital, still comes through on the production tip when not using guitars

GZA = One good solo record, still shows signs of brilliance on guest spots

Inspectah Deck = is better as a guest spot than as a solo artist period

U-God = Who gives a shit? I've sort of always hated on "Golden Arms" sorry...

Masta Killa = Actually had a decent solo record, but you probably don't own it

Method Man = After "Judgment Day" (which I still like) dude basically gave up making albums that we wanted to hear

Raekwon = Brilliant solo record the first time out then complete utter garbage records after that and the frustrating part is Chef delivers great verses all the time on Ghost's records and on other projects. Cuban Linx 2 is set to release at the end of the year and he claims it will change hip-hop. We'll see Rae

Cappadonna = I remember really liking some tracks on "The Pillage" when dude came out of the gate on "Ice Cream" we all thought he was going to be great. He would later go on to become a taxi driver (real talk) he has a new album out but so do New Kids On The Block

Ol' Dirty Bastard = (RIP) Great first record and so many memorable guest spots I will say that his latter work was a little too much for me and I'm not gonna front like I have some candle light vigil for dude

I combed through all of Ghost's albums listed below and even put a few jams that do not appear on any of these albums. I didn't bother to get tracks from anything outside his albums so don't tell me how there's this track on the "Juwana Man" soundtrack that is his "illest" sh*t ever cause I don't care. Tell the other 29 year old virgin, sneaker heads, that will actually care about that.

Hope you like it.

All tracks taken from the following albums:

* 1996: Ironman
* 2000: Supreme Clientele
* 2001: Bulletproof Wallets
* 2004: The Pretty Toney Album
* 2006: Fishscale
* 2006: More Fish
* 2007: The Big Doe Rehab

Track Listing:

1. Stay True featuring: 60 Second Assassin
2. Fish
3. Biscuits featuring: Trife
4. Street Opera
5. The Sun featuring: Raekwon, Slick Rick
6. The Forest
7. Guerilla Hood
8. Assassination Day
9. Run featuring: Jadakiss
10. Nutmeg featuring: RZA
11. Flowers featuring: Raekwon
12. Shakey Dog
13. One
14. The Faster Blade
15. Mighty Healthy
16. Run featuring: Jadakiss (Showoff Remix)
17. Alex (Stolen Script)
18. All That I Got Is You


SDTW Presents "The Best of Ghostface"


  1. you are fucking blowing it not putting Camay on there buddy. - enronalds