Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ragga Twins: Ragga Twins Step Out

Any one with some sense can tell that Ragga Twins pretty much started all of this jungle, drum n bass, grime, and dub step ting.

That sounds like quite a claim I know. But it's pretty well regarded as fact.

Now that being the case that doesn't mean that this record sounds anything like any of those genres entirely, but the blue print for all of them was laid down by these four men.

Flinty Badman and Deman Rocker handle the mic chat while Philip "PJ" Johnson and Carlton "Smiley" Hyman take up the production side of things.

The outcome is a molotov cocktail of dancehall, hip-hop breaks, bad man business, bass, and hints of the previously mentioned genres. This compilation takes most of "Reggae Owes Me Money" LP and adds some other tunes that all work really well as a whole.

Don't sleep on downloading this one even if you're not into this type of thing chances are you'll probably like Ragga Twins.

Track Listing:

1. Ragga Trip
2. Illegal Gunshot
3. Spliffhead (Remix)
4. Love Talk
5. The Homeless Problem
6. Rudeboy
7. 18 Inch Speaker
8. Tan So Back
9. Bring Up The Mic Some More
11. Spliffhead
12. Hard Drugs (Deman Rockers)
13. Shine Eye
14. Wipe The Needle
15. Iron Lady (Deman Rockers)
16. Good Times
17. The Truth

Ragga Twins "Step Out" 2 Disc

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  1. please reupload this awesome album ^^ thanks