Friday, August 8, 2008

Dr. Alimantado

Seeing as we are finally in summer here in Seattle I thought I would post up some "summery" reggae tunnes. Dr. Alimantado was a 70's deejay with a solid toast style and versioned over a lot of big tunes that were out at the time.

The album is more or less a collection of singles put out during that time and gave the Doctor a good amount of notoriety specifically within the late 70's London punk scene after he was praised by Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols as one of his favorite reggae artists.

The title track is by far the stand out tune and is actually one of my favorite deejay tunes ever.

Not to mention that "Best Dressed Chicken in Town" is one of the most wicked album covers in history. Just look at that pose. Vicious!


Track Listing:

1. Best Dressed Chicken in Town
2. Just the Other Day
3. Poison Flour
4. Gimmie Mi Gun
5. I Killed the Barber
6. Ital Galore
7. I Am the Greatest Says Muhammed Ali
8. Johnny Was a Baker
9. Tribute to the Duke
10. Unitone SKank
11. Can't Conquer Natty Dread
12. Ride On
13. Plead I Cause
14. I Shall Fear No Evil


Dr. Alimantado "Best Dressed Chicken In Town

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