Tuesday, August 26, 2008

King Jammy At The Controls Documentary

I was "dinkin" around on the internets yesterday and I came across a full on documentary about none other than King Jammy and his sound. The production is really good and the entire piece is really impressive seeing as it is extremely hard to get anything filmed in Jamaica period.

There are some clips for all you sound boys and raggamuffins that I'm sure you've never ever seen before. The most noticeable being in part 4 when they get into the "Sleng Teng" riddim and some dude busts out some bootleg dijaredo yes I just said dijaredo and starts pumping out a remarkably close bass line of the infamous riddim and Jammy's deejay starts chatting over it. Bananas!

If you have always wondered what dancehall is all about this is a really good primer and if you aren't up on the golden age of dancehall you will be after watching this.

I just realized that if your patois isn't up to snuff you MAY have a hard time deciphering what the f*ck these dudes are saying.

King Jammy At The Controls Part 1 of 7

* Click on part one then click to the right for each subsequent part up to 7.

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