Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Heavy Manners Updates

Where is Heavy Manners?

I've been getting a lot of emails from customers, stores, and the like asking what's the deal?

Here's the scoop:

We're just plain old busy living. Speaking for myself I have a full time gig as a producer for a retail entertainment company in Seattle and raise my 2 year old son.

Justin (partner) is busy doing freelance design all the live long day for Obey, Matix, Nixon, Street Machine, and DC.

We're just regular 9 - 5ers' really. All work on Heavy Manners happens in the wee hours of the night and is carried out via email for the most part.

The state of the "culture" or "scene" if you can even call it that is pretty bleak as well. Without going into great length the output by most companies/brands is pretty lack luster. With that being the case there is no real drive to push the brand when you're surrounded by a whole bunch of twats who are dressed like 12 years olds and talking about bicycles like they were just invented last month.


But, hey why focus on the negative?

The cycle will come around again as it always does.

So what do we plan on doing about it?

Heavy Manners will be releasing a new website in the next month or so that we can promise you will be quite a different beast altogether.

Besides the usual blog goodness that many have become accustomed to on SDTW we will also be debuting an online publication that will really shed some light on the things that are worth giving a shit about i.e people not products.

This is our way of providing a counterbalance to the crass commercialism that seems to be everywhere you look.

We also have been deep in soundboy business. Working on the Heavy Manners "Can't Frighten" mixtape with none other then Demarco. This project has been a long time coming and will surely be something worth the wait.

Oh and if you're concerned about what the website is going to look like just check out some of the ones below from brands like Stussy, HUF, and Neighborhood which were designed by our web team Ordinary Kids

Boneyards (Stussy x Neighborhood)
Huf SF
Adidas Skateboarding
Stussy Deluxe

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