Monday, August 11, 2008

How To Download Free Music 101

I'm going to reveal a little secret. Music is now free. I know, I know I just blew your mind.

Most of the music on here comes from my personal iTunes library, but a lot of stuff also comes from ye old' internet.

I'm not going go into a boring diatribe about the "morality" of downloading music for free because if the record labels had embraced the new technology instead of shunning it they wouldn't be in the situation they are in now. Eat a dick (place any record label's name here)!

If you use Mac then you need to download RAR Expander by clicking HERE

This will allow you to open files that end with .rar extensions which is the most common music file type for whole albums and mixes.

If you use PC then you need to download WinZip by clicking HERE

Now that you have one of those you can scour the web for anything your heart desires by using this search engine:


Here's some tips:

If you're looking for a certain album type in the artist's name and the album


"Ghostface Killah Ironman"

Sometimes it may not pull it up so just type in "ghostface" or "ghostface killah" or even "ironman".

Sometimes you have to get creative, but most likely it is somewhere on there.

Once you find it just follow the prompts by either typing in the "captcha" or clicking "free download."

Then just download the file and save it to your desktop. After it downloads open it using one of the programs previously mentioned and drag the tracks into your iTunes or music library.

You now can get all the Boy George and Yanni you want son!

Now stop bothering me for music and do it your damn self and post them up for others to enjoy.

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