Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Clipse Presents: The Re Up Gang

I don't know what to think of this record. I certainly wouldn't have rushed out to buy it, but I know a lot of herbs are going to blog about it and request it.

That being said I really liked "Hell Hath No Fury." It had a lot of really good production and felt more cohesive than a lot of albums that came out that year. This new Re Up Gang album though sort of picks up where "We Got It For Cheap 3" left off. I really have never been a fan of Ab Liva and Sandman. Both of these dudes are clearly Pusha and Malice's "weed carriers" and although they aren't unbearable by any means they are pretty f*ckin boring and sort of act as filler between the Clipse's verses.

I don't really think they're even trying anymore it's just coke rap with a sort of operatic like feel to it which is fine when it comes together correctly, but when it's just run of the mill it gets tired quick.

Decide for yourself.

Saving grace verse:

"We gonna neva say sh*t, we the blue man group."


The Clipse Presents: "The Re Up Gang"

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