Friday, August 1, 2008

Skream and Dubstep

A little bit different vibe today with a likkle UK dubstep post.

Dubstep for the uninitiated is distinguished by its dark mood, sparse rhythms, and emphasis on bass. It borrows heavily from UK garage, grime, and 2-step genres respectively.

The first couple listens to any dubstep album are typically underwhelming. The music doesn't really lend itself to dancing like a twat (see raving) but it does have a rabid following mostly in the UK. You may never have heard of it stateside but it is extensively covered in most music popular music mags and is often called the "future" of UK music.

I went with the most obvious choice to introduce any newbs to the genre with a young man who goes simply by Skream.

The single "Midnight Request Line" is widely considered the biggest cross-over hit in dubstep's short history and most people consider Skream to be the ultimate dubstep producer.

Personally, I think most of these dudes sound the same with Burial being a slight exception with his whole "moody singing chick" style.

Most the of the draw for me is that dubstep adheres to many of the same tendencies as dancehall and often samples from the genre. It's also good drawing music to boot.


Track Listing:

1. Tortured Soul
2. Midnight Request Line
3. Blue Eyez
4. Auto Dub
5. Check It (featuring Warrior Queen)
6. Stagger
7. Rutten
8. Tapped (featuring JME)
9. Kut Off
10. Dutch Flowerz
11. Summer Dreams
12. Colourful
13. Emotionally Mute

Skream "Skream!"

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