Monday, August 25, 2008

Revok x Shepaird Farey x Revok Tyrants Print

With Revok's recent arrest and subsequent trial coming up Shepard Fairey took it upon himself to make this print to help aid with the astronomical lawyer fees that Revok is going to incur.

Anyone who hasn't had a chance to meet Shepard and rap out with him really doesn't know how real the dude is. He is the exact opposite of a "cool guy."

Now before you ask where can you get one of these prints just go a head stop that train of thought because they're all gone. All 450 of them. So let's do the math here:

450 prints at $45 a piece in one day = $20,250 towards legal fees.

Now that is how you do that.

Revok Tyrants via Obey
Revok1 Website

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